Summer, Spring, and Internships

I’m currently with the CBC on an internship, and things are great. As difficult as parts of my graduate program have been, they’ve been a great preparation for the work I’ve been doing. I’ve been working closely with Theresa Lalonde on “Our Vancouver,” a weekend current-events show on the CBC.


I’ve had the pleasure of being able to work closely with her, and a lot of other really amazing writers and producers at the CBC. I’ve been doing internet writing, booking interviews, and helping produce segments. Whatever they tell me to do and whatever needs to be done, I’m there. Thankfully, it’s less “go-get-coffee” kind of intern duties, so I’m getting tons of great experiences. I’m super thankful to the CBC, Theresa, and everyone I’ve gotten to work alongside.


One of the biggest things I’ve noticed is how often the conversation in the newsroom consistently comes back to the question of “what exactly is journalism” when it comes to the flux and fluid milieu which in the profession exists. While no one exactly has the answers, their ideas and opinions are definitely helping me shape my own.

Here are some links to some segments I’ve helped produce, and the written internet pieces I’ve written alongside them!